Course Overview:

Your film is shot and edited, but without a distribution deal in place, it won’t go anywhere. Learn all there is to know about independent film distribution with this intensive workshop, taught by people with actual practical experience in movie distribution, not just theory.

The course is aimed at providing real world insight into what makes a feature film project attractive to potential buyers and financiers in the film business ecosystem. It also aims to aid producers, filmmakers and screenwriters in developing a sense on how to cater to the various potential target audience groups of a given project. The course explores how to find distribution for movies in theatrical, television and new media outlets, and studies a variety of deal structures involved in the world of independent film distribution.

Course Objectives:

- Learn the role of the producer, sales agent and distributor;
- Become familiar with how to package an indie films and make it attractive to potential buyers;
- Study real world distribution deal structures and an overview revenue streams;
- Learn the inner working of worldwide distribution in the various outlets including theatrical, television, and new media;
- Learn about the different idiosyncrasies of the major independent film markets;
- Review case studies on recent developments in the film industry by following current events in the entertainment news outlets.

Required Text:

"Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution" and "Marketing for the Digital Era" by Jon Reiss.

The students are required to sign up to the free entertainment news service and follow current developments in the industry throughout the course.




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