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Production and post-production services

Production and post-production services

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Our Team Of Professionals Can Lead Any Project From Conception To Completion.

Show Us A Competitor's Written Quote And We'll Beat It To Your Complete Satisfaction.


Concept And Script Development:

The Most Crucial Stage Of Any High-Quality Content Creation.

Production Planning:

Includes Budgeting, Casting, Location Scouting.

Production Design:

Includes Concept Arts, Set Decoration And Development Of The Overall Visual Look Of The Project.


Principal Photography:

This Is When The Camera Rolls. The Most Expensive Phase Of Film Production. Everything That Has Happened Up To This Point Is To Make Principal Photography Go As Smoothly And Efficiently As Possible.



Our Experienced Team Of Editors Will Utilize Existing Raw, Unprocessed Video Footage To Create A Polished, Professional Film/Video.

Visual Effects:

Matte-Painting, Beauty, Rotoscoping, Compositing, 3D Simulations… What You Can Conceive, We Can Achieve.

Color Correction & Grading:

When The Full Visual Potential Of Your Project Is Realized.

Title Design:

Often Overlooked, Title Design Is An Art Which Can "Set A Mood" And "Capture The Audience" Before You Movie Started

Sound Design & Mixing:

Poor Sound Can Ruin An Otherwise Spectacular Production. Sound Can Positively And Negatively Affect The Visceral Reactions And The Contextual Information An Audience Is Able To Understand About A Film. Our Re-Recording Mixers And Designers Work Side-By-Side With The Director And Producer(S) To Create The Sounds They Want In The Best Spaces Possible With The Best Technology Available.

Music Composing:

If You’re Wondering Just How Important Music Can Be In Making A Film Successful, Just Look At Some Of The Iconic Film Scores That Have Come To Be Part Of What Makes Their Films Famous Today. Films Such As JAWS, STAR WARS, GREASE… Our Academy Is Connected To Some Of The Most Awarded Film Composers In The World.


Your Project Is Ready, Now It's Time To Prepare It For Distribution. ProRess, DVD/Blu-Ray, Closed Captioning, Subtitling, DCP.

Marketing & Advertising:

Our Marketing & Advertising Services Include Key Art Creation, Trailer, Behind-The-Scene As Well As Press Release Accompaniment And Promotion Throughout Various Social Media Outlets.

Production and post-production services
Production and post-production services