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  • Janet Nepales

    Masterclass: Breaking into Hollywood

    Janet Susan R. Nepales is a member of HFPA (the Golden Globes), an award-winning journalist based in Los Angeles. She is a consistent winner in the Na...

    Robert Bell

    Masterclass: Film Financing and Agreements

    Robert has worked in the film industry for over fifteen years along-side running his own company as a city entrepreneur in the finance sector and in h...

    Brian Beckmann

    Masterclass: Film Finance and Sales

    Brian Beckmann, Arclight Films | CFO/COOBrian Beckmann serves as CFO/COO at Arclight Films, the leading worldwide sales and production company for the...

  • Silvia Bizio

    Masterclass: Festivals and awards campaigns for filmmakers: an unbeatable match

    Member of HFPa (the Golden Globes), Italian journalist, writer, producer Silvia Bizio has written about film from Los Angeles for the prestigious da...

    Miguel Pérez

    Acting for Film and Television. 8 Week Certification Courses

    Miguel Perez, dean of Hollywood Film Academy, has worked in films with the likes of Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Hil...

    Carlo Siliotto

    Masterclass: Music is the Invisible Actor

    Music is the only actor you don't see. Interactive online master class. from Hollywood Film Academy®️ on Vimeo. Carlo Siliotto is a Golden Globe...

  • Gaukhar Gia Noortas

    Founder and CEO of Hollywood Film Academy

    International film and television producer. Founder of Hollywood Film Academy

    Linda Kikolashvili

    President of Hollywood Film Academy

    President of Hollywood Film Academy, Georgia. Established businesswoman with extensive experience in government and public relations.

    Zaza Koshkadze

    Screenwriting: Structuring Dramatic Representation: In Person Classes

    Zaza Won More Than 20 prizes at International Film Festivals For Various Projects. He Is Best Known For The Oscar Qualified Short Film 8 Minutes, That...

  • David Khubua

    Stunt Performer: In Person Classes

    Stunt performer, Stunts performer department coordinator, Action Director.  He has worked on more than 80 international movie projects and has mo...

    Steve Longi

    Masterclass: How To Get Your Film Independently Financed

    Steve Longi is a veteran feature film and television producer based in Los Angeles, California. With over twenty years of experience, Mr. Longi has d...

    Nanuka Khuskivadze

    Georgian actress ( lecturer )



    Kartvelian Director and producer (alumni of the Los Angeles Film Scholl)